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I enjoy meeting and collaborating with compassionate, talented, optimistic people and leading teams to shared success. If you'd like to connect, please reach out!

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About Ted

I'm an executive design director and UX engagement designer with 25 years of experience creating and leading open, multi-faceted teams that build software used every day by millions of people. I've led and created experiences for discovery, authentic engagement, monetization and conversion, membership, productivity, and vision.

I encourage those I work with to carefully use behavioral psychology to create positive user experiences and succeed in organizations. Listening to people, exploring research, carefully framing challenges, and coordinating across groups and within teams all help to foster clear communication and create a positive environment from which to create.

Making Great Things Together

People are at the center of of making things; we can learn their motivations and abilities, provide rich feedback towards their aspirations, and create successful software together.

Design Leader, Manager, Mentor and Advisor

As a leader of large and small groups, I've hired and managed designers, developers, managers, marketers, sales and helped other companies hire as well. My teams and I always focus on a growth mindset, showing up and doing our best, and taking responsibility for what we can control.

It continues to bring me great pride to advance the careers of so many unique people, and in the past 25 years many have gone on to become amazing humans, citizens and to create wonderful things. They are now at both small firms and large, complex organizations like Apple, GoogleX, Verizon, Dentsu, Adobe, United Airlines, EPIC Games, Sprout Social, and running world-class independent digital agencies like AirLift Creative.

My Journey

My goal has always been to create valuable software with interesting people. Along that journey I've met a lot of people as a manager, designer, researcher, developer, inventor, software agency owner, consultant, advisor and mentor.


Foundational UX architecture, design and technology


Loyalty and Gaming, user research expanded, creative direction small team


Rapid enterprise org growth, scaling and directing cross-functional teams, sale of Agency to Divine


Agency focus: travel and leisure booking paths, fashion retail ecommerce


Invention and creation of visual testing SaaS and sale to Adobe


Agency focus: scale technology offerings and refine luxury travel and sports software and marketing


Invention of dynamic creative advertising software and programmatic campaigns


Game UX design for online lottery and casino


Agency focus: further scale UX for enterprise content management, eCom and personalization


Sale of agency and products; merge with enterprise software team, rapid enterprise growth 


Data Visualization UX at scale


Refine leadership skills, Next Generation UX; Immersive XR and Connected Devices UX


Authentic, Emotional Engagement UX for enterprise software

Onward and upward!
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