Hi, I’m Ted Billups

I’m an executive UX design leader with a passion for making software better by working with teams to engage users in authentic, sustained ways, while working against a business vision. 

I’ve managed BotB and BtoC enterprise customers and agencies for over 20 years; staffing and building cross-functional teams that consistently innovated while delivering quality and performance.

Ted Billups at the office

My career vision is to evolve as a UX leader and designer; helping cross-functional teams create authentic, engaging experiences that deliver clear value, resulting in stronger trust between brand and users.

Focusing on:
  • crafting a north star, vision and roadmaps that align up and across the organization, and within the UX teams, for a SaaS, ecommerce or related company
  • translating insights into design opportunities to create concise strategies and design executions against business objectives and users' needs
  • continuing to find and foster the growth of talented, compassionate, intelligent people in a positive culture of clarity, learning, empowerment and flow
  • evangelizing an intellectual basis for design discussions, practices, a shared language of design thinking, and innovation with executive, product, engineering, research and other groups
  • evolving UX practices in an Agile cross-functional organization
  • measuring our work so we can feel accomplishment and grow
  • creating feedback-rich, emotionally engaging software experiences that provide self-endorsed, intrinsic value to users
Teams I’ve worked with and supported include: 
United AirlinesHyattFordSpectrum HealthAdobeAmerican Medical AssociationHarry & DavidScientific GamesFerrariAlliant Credit UnionIngersoll RandDodgeHiltonNikeAdaraMichigan Department of EducationAICPARosetta StoneSteelcaseLL BeamDassaultTactical Lighting SystemsSearsGeneral Mills

UX Work

meermeer Adobe BrowserLab website testing
Adobe BrowserLab
A need turns into an invention and SaaS product to help millions.
Spectrum Health Executive Vision 2020
Spectrum Health Vision 2020
Aligning executive business needs around the patient journey.
Dodge SRT Viper Configurator
SRT Viper Configurator
25 million ways to outfit your supercar in a dynamic web-based 3D customizer.
Hyatt Booking Path ecommerce
Hyatt UX Booking Path Commerce
Creating an agile UX department to continuously improve the booking path.
design systems, components, patterns  and proceess
Design Systems and UX Process
My expertise creating and managing design systems at scale.
Ingersoll Rand global UX redesign
Ingersoll Rand Global Products
Personalized BotB product commerce around the world.
AICPA global ux redesign
Association of International CPAs
Enterprise personalization for 10 key archetypes across 50 sites.
Analytics Reporting Gathering and Recommendations
Global Business Analytics Strategy
Global analytics reporting audit and strategy for data re-platforming.
ux principles

Building trust between people and brands through software is challenging. I work with teams to solve this.

I work closely within organizations to establish a clear vision, create and lead teams, and ultimately deliver software that is valuable to users. This statement sounds simple enough, but it requires creating experiences that engage users in authentic ways, helping them see progress towards their self-endorsed goals to better envision who they can be.

In addition to 20 years of running software companies and directing design teams, I’ve refined user-centered design practices to go beyond utility, task-focused software by focusing on human behavior and business results.
Designing for Trust

I strengthen the relationship between people and brands through better software engagement

Can we offer users more than usability and task efficiency?

UX principles

Is task-focused UX Design the best way?

The bulk of BtoB and BtoC software are task-focused utility experiences. The software meets business and users’ needs via established mental models, ux design patterns and performance metrics. This is good.
There is an opportunity to engage users more deeply.
I believe the future of UX design includes leveraging behavioral and game design to create feedback-rich, emotionally engaging experiences that flourish where users are most receptive.

The Evolution of UX Design is Authentic Engagement

What is Authentic Engagement?
  • reflects progress towards self-endorsed goals
  • feedback-rich where people are receptive
  • focused on users’ values and goals
  • relevant and clearly valuable
  • humane; intrinsic over extrinsic values
I believe authentic engagement is achieved through a deeper understanding of people’s behaviors, motivations and abilities.

Engagement is most effective when users have autonomy, competence and relatedness.

Better engagement leads to better outcomes and trust.
Authentic Engagement is self-endorsed, feedback-rich, relevant, intrinsic and valuable.
ux principles

Designing for Consensus

Great design can bring clarity and consensus within an organization. I encourage a transparent process that iteratively produces increasingly detailed, visual assets to bring stakeholders together to solve a common challenge.

Value is especially created and demonstrable when a product is well designed, people are properly trained, and the UX process is easy to understand and utilize. Ultimately, diverse organizational groups like product, technology, design, marketing, support and executives can more easily speak the same language, stay informed, and get behind one vision.

Concise design artifacts can be shared up, down, across, and between organizations to build consensus

When you don't design for Consensus, change gets expensive

The 1 : 10 : 100 Rule

For every $1 to fix a problem during Research and Design, it would cost $10 to fix the same problem in Development, and would cost $100 to fix the same problem after the product’s release. Source: Forrester
1:10:100 Rule. 1 dollar in research and design would cost 10 dollars in development and cost 100 dollars in a released product.
Ideas, opinions and articles

Onward and Upward

Create Authentic Engagement - How to go beyond task-focused software to create emotionally rich, authentic engagement in user experiences.
What if we go beyond user tasks and usability? Can we craft user attention and create positive, authentic engagement at will? Because this relies on behavior design, can we do this in humane ways? My colleagues and I tested this hypothesis in a skunkworks project and case study, and the answer is an exciting yes, but I need your help to explore and prove this out further.
working together

Consulting and Advising

Ted Billups advising on user experience design
It’s safe to say I’m used to working and supporting cross-functional teams creating software across all stages of product development, business strategy, and design. If you’re working on a problem related to improving user experiences for complex business and consumer software through deeper engagement there’s a good chance I could be of help.

I limit my consulting, advisory and tactical work to a select group of companies and individuals each year. If you'd like to discuss possibilities, please reach out.
Let’s make experiences better, together.

UX Principles

Create Authentic Engagement - How to go beyond task-focused software to create emotionally rich, authentic engagement in user experiences.
Apr 29, 2022

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