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Ted Billups led a UX team to optimize the booking flow and find new revenue opportunities for Hyatt, creating the first UX department at Hyatt, which meshed with in-house engineering, product, marketing and executive teams using Agile and Hybrid methodologies.
Ted Billups, Kat Park, Jim Santeramo, Charles Stevenson
Strategic Consulting, User Research, UX Architecture and UX Design, Software Prototyping, Front-End Integration, Visual UX QA, Agency Owner
“Billups Design has an uncanny understanding of the Hyatt brand and we greatly value our partnership with them. We look forward to more projects in the future as Hyatt expands their presence globally and on the web.”

E. Lee
SVP, Global Digital
Hyatt Hotels

Hyatt Hotels is a global hotelier with properties on 5 continents. The SVP, Global Digital brought Billups Design in to establish a UX department and improve digital marketing.


Hyatt needed a user experience department to support both the executive team along with product, marketing, IT and properties teams. The Hyatt technology infrastructure was in a time of transition from legacy booking and systems to a modern Adobe Experience Manager platform and modern Agile Methodology. All Hyatt work is measured with extensive metrics and expectations are high from the company and its customers.


Ted Billups created the first modern user experience department at Hyatt by leading the work himself and bringing in a select group of Billups Design’s UX architects and designers. The new department worked closely with the executive, product and engineering teams to create and improve Hyatt’s site, apps, social, marketing campaigns, and membership support. 

The UX team was built around a new Agile methodology that meshed well with both executives and the development team. The Billups Design design, marketing and front-end team was highly specialized with Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Target and Adobe Marketing Cloud, which was Hyatt’s new choice of platform.


As planned, the Billups team successfully transitioned the bulk of the UX work as Hyatt built out its in-house UX team. The online booking and marketing work performed by increasing revenue and engagement through iteration and optimization. Billups Design continued to design and build property and booking solutions for nearly a decade (until Billups Design was sold).

User Research results, architecture, and screens below booking module variants explored and tested with users, including disabilities and 11 languages. Lo-fi Prototypes
Booking module variants were explored, tested with users, iterated and designed. Below is lo-fidelity.
Map, pricing, booking module and photo variants were explored, tested with users, iterated and designed. Below is lo-fidelity.
Embedded Hyatt social pages were created, tested with users, designed and implemented as components in Adobe Experience Manager.
Dynamic HTML ads for Hyatt: Retargeting on traveler profiles, multivariate tested, dynamic creative optimization.
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