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Global Vision and Project Roadmap, UX Creative Direction, User Research, UXA/UXD, Business Metrics, Brand, Agency Owner

Ted Billups led a large UX effort to rearchitect, design and build Ingersoll Rand's family of personalized websites, fully accessible.
Ted Billups, Jim Santeramo, Kat Park, Evan Fischer, Charles Stevenson
Ted led and/or implemented:
  • Global Web Content Management Strategy custom to EVP Business groups, Marketing, R&D, IT, PM, Sales and Customer Support
  • Accessibility WCAG 2.1 AA
  • UX Research: On-site Contextual Evaluation of Stakeholders, On-Site Usability and qual exploration with End-Users (iterative/phased pre and post design)
  • UX Architecture: Personas, Flows, Technical Architecture
  • UXD: Prototype Responsive Wireframes
  • Agency Ownership Business Contracts and Related

Ingersoll Rand Inc. is a multinational company that provides mission-critical flow creation products and industrial solutions.


Ingersoll Rand needed a personalized global products website with enterprise content management to accommodate its customers, partners and employees around the world.


Hypotheses were developed to inform strategy and design, followed by exploration and contextual observation testing with end-users and stakeholders. Solutions became clear over time as the hypotheses were explored.

We helped Ingersoll Rand select Adobe Experience Manager and Marketing Cloud.

  • Enterprise Global, Go-to-Market and 3 business unit brand strategies. Messaging strategy, copywriting for global brand and business units
  • Nimble yet expansive user research captured usage and perceptions of the current web and software systems
  • New UX (user archetypes, architecture, flows, lo-fidelity, prototypes, visual design, interaction) for product-rich site and ecommerce
  • User research with customers and stakeholders to test prototypes of the newly designed web and software
  • Implemented on Adobe Experience Manager in agile methodology, including design pattern and style library for content managers across the world
  • Trained content authors for Adobe Experience Manager
  • ARO Pumps and other product websites were created for stakeholders around the world
  • WCAG 1.1 AA compliant design and implementation

The website and software ushered in a new phase of personalized and regionalized content and design for regions around the world. The success of the websites and software became the key talking points at multiple speaking events at Adobe SUMMIT.

Ingersoll Rand Products user research, prototypes and ux design below
Implemented Website with Adobe Experience Manager, ecommerce and other enterprise integrations.
Q Personalized search with recommendations.
Combination of Country and Language to support how sales and support engage with their customers around the world.
User Test Protocol pages including test objectives and task script
Functional Lo-Fi Prototypes served well in user research with both end-users and stakeholders including sales, support, product and business.
Business Units such as Tools were able to customize their sections beyond typical enterprise content management systems.
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