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Business Intelligence, Data and Reporting Analysis and Strategy, Creative Direction

Ted Billups led business intelligence strategy, research, UX and BI design, development and managers to consolidate global data reporting and dashboards for a wide range of users and data types.
Ted Billups, UX Designers, iOS/Android Developers, Data Scientists, Tableau Developers
Business Intelligence Consulting, Data and Reporting Design and Strategy, Creative Direction, UX Design, Software Development, Measurement Strategy

The company creates and sells products on 5 continents and relies heavily on data to inform the organization, isolate trends, drive decision-making and innovation, communicate clearly and improve performance. The product, marketing, logistics, sales, and other data was in a wide range of disparate systems and used in different ways by teams across countries and regions.


Prior to a massive scale data migration, the client required a thorough and objective review of all reporting data and dashboards across the world, including inputs from executives, analysts and end-users, and a detailed plan to consolidate reports into a more effective, efficient system to maintain and deliver. This project required knowledge of many analytics platforms, data definitions and ranged from data science to visualization.

Separately, the executives needed a mobile solution to quickly understand data health recommendations from their teams in a highly usable and available package.


Ted Billups led the project, which began with a clear understanding of the vision, risks and a process that would work for all stakeholders. The solution was discovery and insights, strategy, UX design and software implementation for global reporting, analytics and data visualization.


The Global Reporting and Analytics recommendations provided critical information and exposed processes that became a pillar in the company’s data migration and self-serve reporting system. The Data Health App continues to be used by executives and improved.

Business Analytics Strategy presentation slides
Overview, Current Environment and Strategy. My work uncovered and visualized over 1,350 KPIS and 1,000 Reports across 11 global groups with thousands of users creating and using reports. In addition to creating a priority matrix for the organization, I created a plan to consolidate KPIs, Reports, and data sources. Additionally, it became clear there was a need for globally available, consistent Data Definitions and methods for automation.
I created a Visibility Matrix of all reporting as the primary gathering and analysis tool of reporting. Recommendations to the organization across the US, Mexico, Europe, China, India and other major markets included:
  • reduce Ad Hoc requests
  • create KPI definitions and frameworks
  • establish workflows for marketing promotion analytics
  • improve data definitions, quality, timeliness and accessibility
  • Clearly Identify and communicate where data is frozen vs flexible
  • Improve support time and transparency, including providing status and routing
  • Leverage the best of existing dashboards
  • Analytics On-the-Go
  • Segment KPI Data by regions
  • Plan Strategy for Higher Value Analytics
  • Establish, apply and leverage Customer Lifetime Value
  • Leverage the Visibility Matrix further
The Planning and Design is to be finished once the Data Re-platforming is finished.
Data Health App and Tableau Screens (with Carnevale)
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