Spectrum Health Vision 2020

Creative, Business and Technology Strategy, Creative Direction, UX Design, Executive Presentation

Healthcare Digital Vision 2020
Creative and Business Strategy, UX Design, Executive Presentation
Ted Billups worked closely with a multi-billion dollar integrated health system to visualize a successful future vision for business, clinicians and patients though transparent, personalized software solutions.
Ted Billups, Jon Neill
Strategic Consulting, Writing, Data Visualization, UX Design, Software Prototyping, Illustration
“The work was very well received by the executive team and is being incorporated in many other plans as we speak.”

M. Welscott
Director, Information Services
Spectrum Health

Spectrum Health comprises 31,000 team members, 14 hospitals and over $6 bn in revenues. Each year, the leadership team for marketing, design and technology present a future-forward vision to the executive team, board and peers.


The marketing and technology groups needed to explore and clarify their vision to the executive team and throughout the organization.  Ted Billups was brought in to provide an experienced 3rd party perspective and focused solutions to a wide range of marketing, technology, design and organizational challenges.


Ted first focused on valuable existing research on the organization, patients and the state of healthcare. Ted created a universal patient journey to align the executive vision with patients' needs. The diagram illustrates challenges and strengths for both patients and the healthcare organization, helping identify opportunities and areas to create new software experiences. UX research and UX mockups isolated the most impactful software experiences to drive both user and business needs.


The Vision 2020 presentation and related content illustrated a journey that helped shape Spectrum’s vision for the upcoming 3-5 years, and lined up the narrative they needed to communicate to the executive team and board. The project was received positively by stakeholders and the patients surveyed, and led to multiple software experiences that benefited patients through transparency, personalization and control.

A video was created to accompany the message. It brings explores the research and insights from a more personal view into how digital innovation can build stronger relationships between health provider and patient outside of the clinical space.

Patient Journey Details
Prototypes were created to explore software approaches to solve stakeholder and user needs
All recommendations were based on healthcare business value and metrics
Patient Journey Engagement Diagram
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