Dodge Viper SRT Customizer

Creative Direction, UX Design, Agency Owner

Ted Billups led a team of managers, UX designers, 3D artists, interaction and full-stack developers to create the most complex car configurators to-date, leveraging Web3D and device optimization.
Ted Billups, Evan Fischer, Jeff Lindsey
Creative Direction, UX Architecture, UX Design, Front-End Interaction Development, Full-Stack Development, Web3D

Each year, the leadership team for marketing and technology present a future-forward vision to the executive team, board and peers at this integrated healthcare organization. The organization serves over 1 million members each year.


The marketing and IT team was eager to present their vision with fresh new software design ideas and reinforce the vision to-date. They made the decision to bring a creative user-centered design consultant on board to provide a 3rd party perspective to their vision. Ted caught up quickly, focusing on the valuable existing research and direction for software, marketing, and patient experience.


I created a universal patient journey to align the executive vision with patients' needs. The diagram illustrates challenges and strengths for both patients and the healthcare organization, helping identify opportunities and areas to create new software experiences. UX research and UX mockups isolated the most impactful software experiences to drive both user and business needs.


The Vision 2020 presentation and related content illustrated a journey that helped shape Spectrum’s vision for the upcoming 3-5 years, and lined up the narrative they needed to communicate to the executive team and board. The project was received positively by stakeholders and the patients surveyed, and led to multiple software experiences that benefited patients through transparency, personalization and control.

"The online build site for the 2015 Dodge Viper GTC offers fans 25 million possible ways to outfit their personal supercar. With a range of 8,000 paint colors, 24,000 stripe colors, 11 wheel options, 16 interior trims, seven aerodynamic packages, three brake packages, four suspension options, and more, there is a dizzying array of aesthetic and performance variety.”
- Motor Trend
Realistic Scenarios: Configured vehicles with movement effects applied were superimposed into different scenery.
Realistic Customize Interiors: complex logic to ensure Trims and Packages were accurate to the Dodge SRT ordering system
Finally Metallic Fleck paint! We worked out the system to render fleck paint in the browser with realistic results.
Motor Trend had some fun with colors and stripes: the configurator was predominantly well received by both the auto sites and fans.
High Resolution! Specific views were rendered at extremely high resolution.
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