Epic Cooking App

Emotional Engagement Design, Creative Direction, User Research

Ted Billups creative directed and co-created the vision and strategy for a behavior change and engagement design connected grill software prototype with a team of UX designers, game designers, and project managers.
Ted Billups, Jon Neill, Katie Trent
Emotional Engagement Design, User Research, Creative Direction, Copywriting

Skunkworks project to explore emotional engagement design in a connected grill app.


Can we create feedback-rich, emotionally engaging software that goes beyond task-focused, utility experience?

Can we understand users' motivations and abilities? Will we observe users gaining autonomy, competence, connectedness and satisfaction?


Yes. We successfully created a connected grill app prototype that demonstrated deeper, lasting, more meaningful engagement vs a similar utility experience.

Yes. We iteratively designed Epic Cooking, a connected grill app prototype and tested scenarios with different user types along their cooking journey to gain key insights.


People are likely to trust software and brands that offer emotionally engaging experiences aligned with their motivations, consistently over time.

Screens from Epic Cooking App
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