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Creative Direction, Technical Architecture, UXA/UXD, Business, Agency Owner

Ted Billups and his team created a web software experience that integrated with back-office software for Ferrari dealers in new ways to increase auto, parts, service and merchandizing revenues.
Ted Billups, Greg Lee
Strategic Consulting, Creative Direction, UX Design, Front-End Integration, Visual UX QA, Agency Owner

Algar Ferrari is located in Philadelphia and one of 46 Ferrari dealers in the USA. Algar Ferrari is known for its high expectations with design and technology to represent the Ferrari brand, models and overall experience.


Algar Ferrari, its marketing audience and web users, needed a web-based application to dynamically visualize current range and certified pre-owned models, leverage unconnected back-end systems to create an ecommerce store and support applications to go beyond other supercar and elite luxury auto dealers.


Ted Billups and his team envisioned, planned, creative directed, co-designed, architected, implemented, launched and maintained the web software. Features:

  • User-centered design: research, prototyping and iteration
  • Dynamic feed of certified pre-owned models with detailed photos and specifications for each vehicle
  • Digitization of thousands of parts manuals pages into interactive ecommerce parts diagrams, allowing customers to buy visually by model, year, and specifications.
  • Integration and API development to leverage back-office systems into the new Magento ecommerce store, allowing customers to purchase Ferrari products and parts.
  • Approved by Ferrari North America

As a result of the website and software work, Algar Ferrari became the largest Ferrari online parts store in the world, offered the most accurate and visually stunning imagery of current range and certified pre-owned models, and provided real-time and convenient scheduling of support options to accommodate interested parties and serious buyers.

Screens from Algar Ferrari in Philadelphia
Home page focused on current range, pre-owned and the world's largest Ferrari parts store
Current Range detail page for F12 Berlinetta
Ferrari 365B 12 Cylinder engine parts ecommerce
Official Ferrari merchandise store
Ferrari Authorized Pre-Owned Models - dynamic inventory
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