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Global UX Creative Direction, UXA/UXD, Agency Owner

For 10 years, Ted Billups creative directed over 600 Hyatt property websites all over the world with a team of UX Designers, Front-End and Full-Stack Adobe Experience Manager Developers, managers and writers.
Ted Billups, Charles Stevenson
Strategic Consulting, Creative Direction, UX Design, Front-End Integration, Visual UX QA, Agency Owner
“Billups Design has been serving as Hyatt Corporation’s go-to creative house for external property web sites and internal site initiatives since 2006. We are consistently impressed with their creativity, knowledge of current Adobe Experience Manager technology, ability to problem solve, and superior level of service.”

K. Callahan
eCommerce Manager
Hyatt Hotels

Hyatt Hotels is a global hotelier with properties on 5 continents. The SVP, Global Digital brought Billups Design in to establish a UX department and improve digital marketing..


Hyatt manages and serves thousands of properties across the globe. A scalable, evolving design and web system was needed to create, launch, maintain and optimize property websites including the hotels, restaurants, rental residences, and spas. Adobe Experience Manager was selected as the enterprise content management system, requiring a shift in UX and people processes.


Worked closely with Hyatt’s property management team and each individual property on 5 continents, a multitude of time zones and cultural expectations.Created unique property websites built upon a templated system built and improved over time by Billups Design.

Gathered, refined and leveraged property assets, while providing copywriting assistance, for thousands of properties in over 10 languages including right-to-left languages.Billups Design redesigned and built the property sites on Adobe Experience Manager (CQ5 and 6) and Adobe Marketing Cloud, leveraging a successful dynamic design pattern library.


Hyatt Property websites were created, managed and improved for over 10 years. Billups Design worked directly with each property around the world to satisfy their goals and tactical needs.

Each Hyatt restaurant, spa, and residence property was able to customize and manage their website in Adobe Experience Manager
34 Restaurant in the Grand Hyatt Istanbul, Turkey
Hyatt Andaz Hotel in Maui at Wailea
Amara Park Hyatt Spa in Dubai, UAE
NoMI Restaurant in the Park Hyatt Chicago
XIX Restaurant, Hyatt at The Bellevue, Philadelphia
Rulfo Restaurant at the Hyatt Mexico City
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